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    Share ejb jar file with multiple wars

    Marcos Antonio Novice

      Hello, everybody!


      I'm aware that this is a very simple issue, but as I'm new to Wildfly I haven't had success trying to accomplish it.


      In the old days of JBoss 4.2, when I wanted to share an ejb jar file with multiple war files I just deployed the ejb jar file to the application server and configured jndi in my war projects with a file 'jndi.properties' placed in some source directory in the war files, like this:








      Now, with Wildfly 8.1, this approach is not working anymore. I don't know if the contents of the jndi properties file changed or if I have to do something else. So, I ask: how do I share an ejb jar file with multiple wars in Wildfly 8.1 (I don't want to use ear files for this)?


      Thank you in advance.