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    If Cookie value is JSON string, then it is not getting parsed correctly

    Rishikesh Darandale Newbie

      When the cookie with JSON object is sent to wildfly 8.1 container, then it is not getting parsed correctly. If that JSON string has '=', then undertow is throwing IllegalArgument Exception.


      Here is sample cookie with value:


      sample={"v2":-2,"v1":1,"rid":"d046012-55070443-84d7-15d6-473f3","ru":"http://myapplication.com/test","r":"mydomain.com","st":"", "c":"http://mydomain.com/search=testme","pv":1,"lc":{"d2":{"v":1,"s":false}},"cd":2,"cp":{"usrSessionID":"some_unique_value","MPS":seen"}}


      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cookie name ":-2,"v1":1,"rid":"d046012-55070443-84d7-15d6-473f3","ru":"http://myapplication.com/test","r":"mydomain.com","st":"", "c":"http://mydomain.com/search" is a reserved token

      I have put a solution[1] in undertow core, can somebody review and let me know the feedback.



      [1] [undertow-core] Added a support to read the cookie value as JSON object · ff3fd13 · RishikeshDarandale/undertow · GitHu…