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    How to setup sub domain http / server log

    Tharindu wijesuriya Newbie

      hi there


      I am using JBOSS AS 5.1GA. My statistic generation engine is awstats. I'm using single ear file which contains multiple wars/jars


      eg :- www.abc.com -->               abc.war

              www.abc.com/test ----->     abc_test.war


      Abve wars are logging http & server.log,  which awstat will compile daily to generate statistics.


      I recently setup a sub domain using virtual hosts which will be accessed as following.


      beta.abc.com --> abc_beta.war


      When above www.abc.com & www.abc.com/test is accessed, all activities are logged in to http log & server.log.


      Issue :-

      When beta.abc.com is accessed server.log is getting updated but not the http log. because of it i'm unable to process statistics for the beta.abc.com application.


      can you pls. help ?


      Thanx in advance.