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    SEAM RESTeasy web service on JBoss 6.1 final

    Roger Lee Apprentice

      I have had to re-visit an existing live application and add a web service. It uses jboss-seam-2.2.2.Final and JBoss 6.1.0 Final.


      I played around with RESTeasy web services on JBoss 7 a while  ago and got a simple test as below working (see result at end), However I can't seem to get the same code working on JBoss AS 6.1.


      I have the WebService bean:-





      public class SmokeSignalsResource {



          private PlayListBean playListBean;



           * Retrieves representation of an instance of smokeSignalsService.SmokeSignalsResource

           * @return an instance of java.lang.String

           * @throws UnknownHostException




          public String getXml() throws UnknownHostException {

          System.out.println("SmokeSignalsResource getXml playListBean = " + playListBean);


              return "<html><body><h2>" + playListBean.getPlayList() + "!</h2></body></html>";




           * PUT method for updating an instance of SmokeSignalsResource

           * @param content representation for the resource




          public void putXml(String content) {





      The PlayListBean just returns a string of the IP address with the date and time.


      I also have the class:-


      import javax.ws.rs.core.Application;


      public class ApplicationConfig extends Application {



      I access the webservice with:-

      <IP address>/<Context><"resources"><path>

      I also tried:

      <IP address>/<Context><"resources"><path><name>




      Which returns:-


      HTTP Status 404 - /SmokeSignals/resources/smokeSignalsService

      type Status report

      message /SmokeSignals/resources/smokeSignalsService

      description The requested resource (/SmokeSignals/resources/smokeSignalsService) is not available.

      JBoss Web/3.0.0-CR2

      Though I don't the have successfully deployed code, it's as above (changed  path from viViFYdService to  smokeSignalsService). I found the EAR on a server and when I started JBoss AS 7.1.1 and entered:


      ViViFYdResource playListBean @ id8331/ 2014/09/30 10:26:56!


      Which is what I expect. Any issues with JBoss 6.1 and SEAM's RESTeasy?