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    workflow problem in DTGov

    tatia sikharulidze Newbie

      I have been trying to upload workflow in dtgov version 1.3.0; The documentation for 1.3.0 says that there should be a folder named data or dtgov-data that will contain all the necessary files for workflow - which you can import to IDE and add a new workflow to it. I was wondering if there is new ways to work with workflows or if there was mistake in the installation, since there is no folder like that.


      The only workaround I could find to add a new workflow was to copy dtgov-data folder from version 1.2.0, make some changes to xml file (newer version) and it deployed and uploaded workflows successfully.


      The question is, is this the correct way to do it? Should Datagov version 1.3.0 already contain data folder or should we add it manually? or should it be added by installation?

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          Jorge Morales Master


          There is an ant task to install the workflows:

          ant -f build.xml seed


          This will upload the workflows in the distribution to the S-Ramp (it will ask for S-Ramp credentials).


          Maybe documentation is incorrect, so raise a JIRA for that.

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            Eric Wittmann Apprentice

            Oh no, you have run into a problem with the latest release (1.3.0.Final).  Thanks for finding this.  We changed how we did all the seeding of the DTGov data into the S-RAMP repository between 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 to make it easier to get started.  Unfortunately it looks like a side effect of that was to omit the source version of the workflows!  Sorry about that, we'll get that corrected for the next version.


            (Note that the workflows JAR is getting added to the S-RAMP repository as part of the "ant seed -Ds-ramp.shell.password=ADMIN_PASSWORD" command now, but this doesn't help you if you want to add your own workflow to the JAR...)


            I have two options for you if you want to work with the workflows source:


            1) Grab the sources from github here:


            GitHub Link: dtgov/dtgov-workflows at master · Governance/dtgov · GitHub


            Just clone the repository, switch to the dtgov-1.3.0.Final tag, and then have a look at the "dtgov-workflows" module.  That guy contains all of the workflows you are looking for.


            2) Wait a few days for the release of 1.4.0.Final where I will make sure we include a "workflows" folder as part of the dtgov distribution.  Waiting for this release also means you'll get some bug fixes and a few additional UI screens.  We're hoping to have this release out by the end of this week.

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              tatia sikharulidze Newbie

              Thanks a lot. I will wait for the new release

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                Eric Wittmann Apprentice

                In case you didn't see the announcement, the new release (1.4.0.Final) came out a few days ago.  You can find it here: