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    JBPM 6 Virtual File System - where are the files actually stored?

    Travis Zimmerman Newbie

      I know that JBPM 6 has a Virtual File System (VFS) for storing knowledge definitions created in the KIE workbench.  (See this blog post).


      The files in the VFS must be stored somewhere on the local disk, right?  Where are they stored?


      For background: I am trying to run JBPM in a Docker container.  Docker containers have volatile storage, so every time I restart the container I lose any processes I added while the container was running.  I can force Docker to persist certain directories, but I have to know which directories.  And I cannot find where my bpmn2 files are actually stored on my server.


      For example, if the VFS were "effectively" stored under /usr/local/jbpm, then I would make Docker persist everything under /usr/local/jbpm.