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    ModeShape 4.0


      First of: Congrats to Randall, Horia and all the folks that did the work for 4.0 for the release of it! Was a real "jipiii"-moment when I discovered that!


      I got a question about 4.0 and lucene. We currently use Elasticsearch in our project and are therefore in a continous fight with lucene and its version, since lucene can have different main versions sitting by each other. What version of lucene can modeshape 4.0 use?





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          ModeShape 4.0 does not use Lucene.All indexing is done internally, making it far easier to dynamically manage and use the indexes. In the next few releases, we plan to add index providers for Lucene, Solr, and ElasticSearch. We've not decided upon the order in which we'll add these, so any feedback would be appreciated. We'd also love to have some help with implementing these features.


          The purpose of the Solr and ElasticSearch providers is to allow you to store indexes in your won Solr and ElasticSearch clusters. There are several benefits, some of which are:

          1. The Solr and ElasticSearch clusters are self-contained, independent, and manageable.
          2. You can query the indexes used by ModeShape via ModeShape or via Solr and ElasticSearch. This makes it possible to use query features in those systems that ModeShape might not have, like faceted search.
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            Hi Randall,


            Are you in a position to give an update on the progress of this? Specifically on tickets [MODE-2159] Store indexes in local Lucene - JBoss Issue Tracker and [MODE-2162] Store indexes in ElasticSearch - JBoss Issue Tracker ([MODE-2161] Store indexes in Solr - JBoss Issue Tracker seems completely dormant?).


            I am experiencing problems with index sizes in Modeshape 4.1.0 (they seem to get very huge, very quickly, and modeshape eventually gives up with a FileTooLarge exception, at least with our set-up). Is this a known issue and are there any best-practices on how to manage indexes in Modeshape 4?





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              Hi, Dan.


              There has been some progress on MODE-2159, though I don't think the code (or prototype) has been contributed to ModeShape. MODE-2162 will be tackled shortly (if not already begun). And MODE-2161 has been pushed to the future releases bucked, where it will likely remain until community members pick it up.


              If you're interested in working on any of these issues, please offer via a comment on the respective issue.