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    Need to know, Dependencies of Exported EAR

    Vinoth S Newbie

      Hi ,


      I have created dynamic web project with following things:

      Dynamic Web Project>>

      Target Runtime : jboss-eap-Runtime

      Dynamic Web Module Version : 2.5

      Configuration : <custom>

      EAR membership : checked Add project to an EAR


      In this project I have imported my web service wsdl and it  generated web service related classes.


      My requirements as follows:

           1) I have to export that project and

           2) Import into eclipse

           3) Need to invoke those classes in another project classes


      I need to know, whar are the ways to invoke another project class.

      Is it any dependencies need to be copied in eclipse while importing Jboss project?

      Is it any other ways available.


      Thanks in advance. If you share some sample implementation, it would be fine for me.


      Version is using in my project : JBoss Developer Studio Version: 7.1.1.GA

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          Vinoth S Newbie


          I have found one way to use project which is having imported wsdl.

          Here is the way.


          Project 1 : Dynamic web project

          1) I have imported wsdl: It has been generated lot of classes.


          Project 2 : Java Project

          1) I have copied classes which have been created by wsdl

          2) I have written business logic in java project: It will use web service classes

          3) Exported that project as jar


          I have imported that jar in another project. It worked fine.

          I found there is no jars dependency.




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