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    Missing nodes after concurrent inserts (ModeShape 3.8.0)

    nl Newbie

      Hi ModeShapers,


      my problem as follows: Our application is creating plenty of documents concurrently in a jdbc-based cache store. But even there are no exception during processing some documents (or nodes) are not available afterwards (ItemNotFoundException).


      I can reproduce this in a very simple test case (see attached): 5000 nt:file nodes are created with 100 threads using a Threadpool. Each thread is using its own session. After calling session.save() this test logs the file node's identifier. After processing all documents it checks the existence of each identifier. I'd expect that each identifier is known but is not.


      At first I thought that this is related to MODE-2280 but it does not seems to be.


      It feels like a bug. Any idea?


      Thanks, Niels