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    Blocked (?) EJB threads with TimeService

    Dimitris Mouchritsas Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have an application which has a Local, Stateless EJB which uses the timer service:


      private TimerService timerService;


      something like this:

              TimerConfig tc = new TimerConfig();


              timerService.createIntervalTimer(30000, system.getRefreshInterval() * 1000L * 60L, tc);


      The @Timeout method usually makes a jdbc connection and retrieves data from various databases.

      Now it seems that every few days or weeks these threads block (?). The last time we had an issue with a database and I guess they were not able to retrieve data, but it seems that no new calls could be made. From the log files I see that these threads have id's like this: EJB default - 7


      I tried to schedule a new timer from the user interface, it was succesfull but the @Timeout method was never called. This problem is fixed once I restart wildfly. How can I detect the cause of this problem? I was carefull not to throw an Exception from the timeout method.