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    rich:calendar dates not enabled



      I am using Richfaces 4.3.7 running on Tomcat 7 and am trying to get the calender to work as an inline way of selecting a date. When it displays, the date cells are not enabled, however if the > is pressed to move to the next month then then a date can be selected.


      The tag is in an h:form and looks like this


            <rich:calendar mode="ajax" popup="false" dataModel="#{eventBean.calendarModel}" value="#{eventBean.selectedDate}">
               <f:ajax event="change" action="#{eventBean.dateSelected}" enableManualInput="true" currentDateChangeListener="#[eventBean.dateSelected]"/>


      The calendarModel method in the backing bean returns an implementation of CalendarDataModel which is populated with implementations of CalendarDataModelItem. I have tried it with and without the f:ajax