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    Jboss continuously creating threads

    Keith Chau Newbie

      I have installed a JBoss AS 7.1.1 Final on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)

      Standalone mode is used and some hardening items are applied according to the official guide.

      Two of the applications are failed to deploy due to wrong configuration in the application. I let them fail and wait for the new WAR file from our developer. Few days later, I find that I cannot login with the "jboss" account, which owns the jboss process. Then, I finally found that the "jboss" account has 1024 threads in use, which reaches the maximum thread limit per user in OS level.


      After the developer deployed a new WAR file which is successful, the problem is gone.


      Does anyone knows what is going wrong ?

      Thanks !

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          you probably mean 1024 file handles are in use.

          but anyhow. you need to debug it yourself.


          Try doing thread dump to see what all that treads are and what are they doing.

          This way you will see who is creating it and why.


          Also do lsof -p <id of process> to see what are all files open.


          It is possible that your app is leaking file handles or that it is just behaving completely normally and you have just too low limits.

          as 1024 (default for linux) for ulimit is way too low for any reasonable application that needs to do something.