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    docker and domain mode.


      We are running a traditional eap6-domain with 5 server groups and two nodes per group in production today.


      Now, we are fascinated about the beauty of deploying whole docker-containers instead of just application-code as war-files.

      This would help a lot in eliminating external issues in testing, since the whole container would run unchanged from test in production.


      At this point I can not see how this would work hand-in-hand with the domain mode of jBoss (which we use for deployment and monitoring as of today)


      What I would like to do, is package a docker-container during build of the project, then deploy this container to a docker host, thereby replacing a server in a server group, including its deployment (which is packaged in together with the docker-container).

      What are the plans for domain mode in a containerized world like this?


      I would in effect  really like to have a "best of both" from the  microservices and jboss domain styles of deployment.


      Does anyone have thoughts and/or experience of such a configuration?


      Nils Otto Johansen

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          I'm not too familiar with it myself, but have you had a look at http://www.jboss.org/docker/.



          James R. Perkins

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            I have looked at the jboss-docker pages.


            Have had jboss running in domain mode in docker containers with help of harald.pehl s article WildFly Dockerfiles | Planet JBoss Developer .

            This is all good, but not of much help in building, packaging and moving whole envionments from test to production.


            My question is how to use containers as the unit of deployment combined with jBoss domain mode.


            Nils otto

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              We're still ramping up with docker in the JBoss middleware team, I don't know that there has been a lot of thought given to using EAP in domain mode when bundled in docker images.  I'm interested in your use case.


              The domain model is all about managing the common configuration of multiple instances of EAP across multiple servers.  Docker is also used to manage the configuration of multiple instances, but with a very different model.  The entire stack is defined in your final docker image, including applications and configuration. What do you intend to use the domain model for once you have multiple instances of EAP running in containers?


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                Thank you.


                Im starting to realize this myself.


                I was hoping there were plans for  a best of both-soloution, for instance lettting the nodes control deployment on registering in the domain.


                For now I think I will continue my testing using standalone servers and keeping mod_cluster in front.


                Nils Otto