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    docker and domain mode.

    Nils Otto Johansen Newbie

      We are running a traditional eap6-domain with 5 server groups and two nodes per group in production today.


      Now, we are fascinated about the beauty of deploying whole docker-containers instead of just application-code as war-files.

      This would help a lot in eliminating external issues in testing, since the whole container would run unchanged from test in production.


      At this point I can not see how this would work hand-in-hand with the domain mode of jBoss (which we use for deployment and monitoring as of today)


      What I would like to do, is package a docker-container during build of the project, then deploy this container to a docker host, thereby replacing a server in a server group, including its deployment (which is packaged in together with the docker-container).

      What are the plans for domain mode in a containerized world like this?


      I would in effect  really like to have a "best of both" from the  microservices and jboss domain styles of deployment.


      Does anyone have thoughts and/or experience of such a configuration?


      Nils Otto Johansen