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    Jboss-AS-7 Cluster unable to replicate the session in one Node

    mocharla phani Newbie



      I am trying to configure mod_cluster on Jboss-AS-7 .below is my configuration




      Apache cluster


      mod_cluster.conf configuration

      <IfModule manager_module>


        ManagerBalancerName mycluster



          <Location />

            Order deny,allow

            Deny from all

            Allow from 192.168.



          KeepAliveTimeout 300

          MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

          ServerAdvertise on

          AdvertiseFrequency 5

          #AdvertiseSecurityKey secret

          #AdvertiseGroup @ADVIP@:23364



      <Location /mod_cluster_manager>

            SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

            Order deny,allow

            Deny from all

            Allow from 192.168.






      Jboss-AS-Node1 and Jboss-AS-Node2 (both servers) standalone-ha.xml configuration

      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:modcluster:1.1">

                  <mod-cluster-config advertise-socket="modcluster" connector="ajp" proxy-list="">


                          <load-metric type="busyness"/>





      i am using below command to run the jboss

      ./standalone.sh -c standalone-ha.xml -b -Djboss.node.name=nodeX


      My problem is if i stopped the node1 the session was replicated successfully on Node2. If i stopped the node2 the session was unable to replicate  on Node1.

      I have stopped the iptables and disabled the selinux. and i have replaced the new standalone-ha.xml in node1.

      Still i am unable to replicate the session on Node1. Please help me to solve this issue.