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    Corrupted Field After EntityBean-Update

    Thomas Reimann Newbie

      Hello, we're using JBoss 4.0 with an Oracle 8i database.
      Our application (Swing-Client) uses SessionBeans in order to create/modify EntityBeans (2.x) and persist them via a configured XA Datasource using ojdbc14.jar.

      Now our problem is: creating an EntityBean works well, all data is saved correctly in our database. We do an update within a SessionBean-method. There we first get our Bean (with DOCTYPELocal dot = dotHome.findByPrimaryKey(vo.getID());), then
      we modify several attributes with the public setter-methods. Datatypes are int, String, Timestamp, boolean like
      dot.setLASTMODIFIED(new Timestamp(System.currentTimeMillis()));
      The ValueObject vo holds the correct values!
      After returning from our method the data of the TBCLASSNAME-field always is corrupted at the first 3 characters! TBCLASSNAME is a VARCHAR2(255) not null db-column.

      Every other action or Bean is working well, everything is (or seems to be) configured well. What may be the problem of the damaged field?
      Is it a JBoss-problem or may it be an Oracle-problem? When using DB2 everything works.

      Any help may be appreciated.