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    Running Ant from Eclipse runs differently from command-line

    rsearls Newbie

      I'm running jboss-devstudio-8.0.0.Beta2 on Linux.  I imported a (working) maven project.

      The project provides an ant build.xml for special task processing.  I created

      an "external Tool Config" for one of the ant tasks.  The task fails during

      processing with error,  

          Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid logger interface

          org.jboss.wsf.stack.cxf.Loggers (implementation not found in



      This task succeeds from the command-line.


      I have verified jboss-devstudio-8.0.0.Beta2 and the command-line are using the

      same ant version and JDK version.


      I'm trying to debug the jboss-devstudio-8.0.0.Beta2 ant (wrapped) cmd.  I have

      not been successful.  The jboss-devstudio-8.0.0.Beta2 ant (wrapper) ignores the

      ant option "--execdebug"


      I am looking for advise as to how to debug this and/or resolve it.

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          Denis Golovin Master

          It runs differently because eclipse uses its own ant distribution located in plugins/org.apache.ant_1.9.2. You can check it in Preferences dialog "Ant/Runtime" category. I would try to use "Ant Home..." button and switch eclipse to the same ant distribution you use in command line to get the same result. To debug your ant script set break-point in build.xml on the left ruler using context menu or double click and try "Debug As->Ant build ..." from popup menu on build.xml file in Package Explorer View.

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