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    Jbpm 6.1 database

    migurl fernandes Newbie



      I'm trying to build a spring + jbpm6.1 project, I used the scripts included in the forder jbpm-installer/db/mysql and configured the persistence.xml.


      I noticed that the entities defined (for example) in the jbpm-human-task-jpa 6.1.0 jar are not according the fields  in the database.


      For example in the TaskImpl class from package (org.jbpm.services.task.impl.model) there are the fields:


      private String name;
      private String description;


      that doesn't exist in the db scripts!!


      Are the scripts deprecated ?!


      Another question, there is any project sample with JBPM6 (6.1) and Spring4 for eclipse?


      thank you for your help