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    wildfly + resteasy + beans.xml is breaking async-job-service

    Sebastian Baum Newbie

      Hi together,


      I want to implement an async job service using resteasy. In the official repo at github.com I found some example.

      Everything is working quite fine until I added a beans.xml. Then I unfortunately got a 500 ServerError when requesting the result of the async request via the URL that is provided in the Location Header.

      You can find an example based on the official resteasy example in my github account:

      sebbaum/async-job-service · GitHub


      I used:

      • wildfly-8.1.0.Final
      • resteasy-jaxrs 3.0.9.Final
      • jboss-javaee-7.0 1.0.1.Final
      • junit 4.11


      Using the example:

      1. mvn clean package
      2. deploy on wildfly 8.1.0.Final
      3. Running the tests after deployment is not working => 500 status code instead of 200 is returned
      4. renaming the beans.xml to _beans.xml and run the tests again => all tests are green


      Is there a known bug or issue or have I done something wrong?


      I am really looking forward to an answer.