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    How to purge filesystem metrics

    Victor Mendonca Newbie

      I'm surprised I can't find the answer for this anywhere.


      My filesystem on my JON server is over 80% and I can't figure out how to clean up the local metrics. Adding another storage node is not something we want to do at the moment as we are not using JON to its full potential and we are only monitoring a small number of servers.


      I have found the document below that shows how to configure data retention, but my understanding is that this is the data stored in the DB and not in the filesystem.


      3.6. Configuring How Long Monitoring Data Are Stored


      Here's the current usage:



      # du -sh *

      1.1G    commitlog

      63G     data

      30M     saved_caches



      # du -sh *

      479M    metrics_index

      31G     one_hour_metrics

      24G     raw_metrics

      152K    schema_version

      5.9G    six_hour_metrics

      1.8G    twenty_four_hour_metrics


      Looks like most data is stored in the the snapshots folder:


      [root@server one_hour_metrics]# duch -G

      1G      ./snapshots/1407040202371

      1G      ./snapshots/1412483402010

      2G      ./snapshots/1404621001246

      3G      ./snapshots/1400992201259

      3G      ./snapshots/1403411403913

      3G      ./snapshots/1410064207226

      22G     ./snapshots

      31G     .

      31G     total