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    EntityBeans not cached despite commit option A

    ottoberg Newbie

      We are working on optimizing our CMP layer, currently experimenting with commit option A. Our data layer heavily uses attributes which may be attached to nearly all our entities. These attributes - or rather the initial set of attributes to choose from - are read-only and marked as such.

      What puzzles us is that while all entity beans inspected thus far seem to honor commit option A, this is not the case for said attributes. When an entity is loaded a finder is called which looks up the attributes relevant for this entity. This finder _always_ hits the database, although the set of returned attributes is static.

      I realize that the information given thus far is probably insufficient to analyze the cause of our problem. Rather I would like to know under which circumstances EntityBeans are not cached despite commit option A. I have turned on trace debug in org.jboss.ejb, yet thus far didn't succeed in gleaning helpful information from the output.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,

      Olaf Bergner