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    RestEasy: How to get the original filename using @MultipartForm


      I am using resteasy 3.0.6.Final I am trying to upload a file and access the content-disposition header in my POJO. Below is my POJO.


      public class SoftwarePackageForm {




          private File file;

          //I want to inject the contentDisposition here or the originalFileName with extention


          private String contentDisposition;



          public File getFile() {

              return file;



          public void setFile(File file) {

              this.file = file;



          public String getContentDisposition() {

              return contentDisposition;



          public void setContentDisposition(String contentDisposition) {

              this.contentDisposition = contentDisposition;



      I am getting null when I access softwarePackageForm.getContentDisposition().


      I tried with @FormParam("Content-Disposition") and @HeaderParam("Content-Disposition") and @HeaderParam with a combination of @PartType("application/octet-stream"). All trials resulted in the same null.


      How can I get the original file name when using @MultipartForm. Can anyone please let me know if this possible and how?


      Thank you all in advance.