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    Jar files created by JBOSS BRMS do not run

    Kyle Smith Newbie

      Hi All,


      After going through a couple of tutorials using JBoss BRMS I have a few .jar files that are produced upon completion of these tutorials. I download these jars and use the command line on Windows to try and run them with the java -jar myJar.jar command. This results in an error though. The error is:"Error: Invalid or corrupt jar file myJar.jar".


      Does anyone know why all of the jars produced by the JBOSS BRMS do not run? I was expecting for instance that there would at least be some type of console output when the rule says to print out something on the console.


      Thank-you for reading this.




      Kyle Smith

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          Petr Široký Newbie



          I am not sure what are trying to achieve, could you please elaborate more on that? It will be easier to point you in right direction if I know what is your goal.


          The jars produced by BRMS are not executable jars (they don't have main class, unless you created one there). They are Knowledge Jars (kjars)  considered as an deployment unit. You need to deploy that unit into the Drools runtime and then you can fire rules/insert facts/etc. Take a look at the examples in docs: Chapter 19. Examples