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    [forge-dev] Security addon in Forge


      Hi folks,


      I wanted to add a new addon to Forge that handles the Java EE security



      - Add constraints to some resources

      - Setup authentication mechanism (form, basic, digest, etc.)

      - Assign realm to security constraints

      - Create security roles

      - If the realm is JDBC and JPA facet is installed, add an entity along with

      some named queries


      I looked in the Forge JIRA whether there is something like that and I found

      this issue created almost a year and a half ago:




      I read in the description though, that the addon should be also able to

      setup groups and users inside a realm. Isn't that too server specific if

      the realm is not JDBC? Maybe we could continue the communication in the

      issue, so whoever is interested my add themselves as a watcher there?