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    avoid classes annotation scanning into exploded war file.

    Rafael Mateo Newbie



      We are working on Test Enviroment with JBoss Wildfly 8.0.1 FINAL SNAPSHOT (Linux) and we are trying to deploy an exploded war  into this server.

      This application is taking very long time to start. We have configurated the jboss-scanning.xml to avoid scanning classes, but it does not seem to take any effect.

      Is this configuration file present in this version  of JBoss wildfly?


      Can Someone  give us an example of how to do this deploy ? We don't use hot deploy, we prefer to deploy on demand.


      We have deployed this aplication via jboss-cli.sh.




      deploy /tmp/test.war --name=test.war --runtime-name=test.war --unmanaged




      undeploy test.war --keep-content

      deploy test.war



      We have checked a strace linux command ouput for the JBoos main process  and we have seen that there are many stats sentences because it is reading all files from /tmp/test.war directory and we have seen this operation over the same file in too many cases. (/tmp/test.war is a directory, not a war file)