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    rich:calendar is not working in RF3.3.4

    Sivaprasad Krishnaswamy Master

      Hello All,


      To reproduce the problem,Please do like below.

      1.Open the link(http://showcase-rf3.richfaces.org/richfaces/calendar.jsf?c=calendar&tab=usage) here in the IE11 browsers.

      2.Click the Calender Icon,It pops up the Calender.This is fine.

      3.Now "Select Locale" to DE (Radio button)

      4.Change the Combo box "Select Date Pattern" to some new value Ex: MMM d, yyyy

      5.Now again click the Calender Icon,No thing will happen.Here is the problem.





      The same above scenario is working with RF4 Link,



      Which this behaviour is happening and what is the reason behind it?