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    Wildfly/Arquillian dependencies not resolved on Maven Central (you always need jboss nexus) [minor]

    Paris Apostolopoulos Newbie

      This in indeed minor BUT can be very frustrating especially in several articles and posts that try to 'introduce' to newcomers the use of Wildfly along with Arquillian. The inclusion of Arquilian BOM(s) and wildfly managed dependency to be used along, IF by any chance you don't mirror mirror Jboss Nexus, they will fail.


      I am not sure if it supposed to work only if you reference the jboss repo either in your local Nexus or directly on your Maven/settings xml. I am just documenting the point .Sample of dependencies used in a simple Widfly/Arquillian project.


      <!-- Arquillian BOM (Bill Of Materials). -->


      If you dont mirror or reference the Jboss Repo you will get something like this upon testing or packaging


      [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project arquillian-wildfly-example: Could not resolve dependencies for project
      The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.jboss.invocation:jboss-invocation
      :jar:1.2.1.Final, org.jboss.stdio:jboss-stdio:jar:1.0.2.GA, or
      Failure to find org.jboss.invocation:jboss-invocation:jar:1.2.1.Final in http://XXXXXXXX:80
      80/nexus/content/groups/public was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update in
      terval of nexus has elapsed or updates are forced -> [



      I am not saying this is a huge error, but what is the official policy on these depedencies and BOM(s), do you always need Jboss Repo, is it supposed to work with Maven Central?