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    Migrate Wildfly 8.1 EAR to JBOSS EAP 6.3




      I want to migrate one Wildfly 8.1.0 EAR to JBOSS EAP 6.3.

      It's seens that after I configure the standalone.xml everything work's, but no.

      When call locals EJB 3.1 the program hangs. Don't do nothing more...

      I have this:


      public class AdminBean extends com.agbar.occam.negocio.ejb.util.EJBBaseBean {


      public boolean inicializar(){ ... }


      And i have this call in servlet:

      EJBBaseBean ejb = (EJBBaseBean) getLocalContext().lookup( tipoEJBReal ); <- This work's fine return the proxy to the view..

      AdminBean ejbAdmin = (AdminBean) ejb;  <- This work's fine

      ejbAdmin.inicializar(); <- This hang evething....


      Debuging, I see that it's pass in this lines, want it hangs:


      ProxyInvocationHandler.invoke(Object, Method, Object[]) line: 59
      InterceptorContext.<init>() line: 65
      InterceptorContext.putPrivateData(Class<T>, T) line: 204
      ComponentClientInstance.prepareInterceptorContext(InterceptorContext) line: 42
      ModuleClassLoader(ClassLoader).checkPackageAccess(Class, ProtectionDomain) line: 489

      ModuleClassLoader(ClassLoader).checkPackageAccess(Class, ProtectionDomain) line: 489

      ProxyInvocationHandler.invoke(Object, Method, Object[])


      Also I don't see any error, only transacciones timeout that's a consequence of the hang.

      It's work's fine in wildfly, I don't have any security...


      What can be the problem?