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    Questions about the Scribble tools

    Simon Gay Newbie

      The ABCD group in Glasgow have started trying the Scribble tools. I have a couple of questions based on this example:


      module TwoBuyerGlobal;


      type <java> "java.lang.String" from "rt.jar" as String;

      type <java> "java.lang.Integer" from "rt.jar" as Int;


      global protocol ProtocolName(role Buyer1, role Buyer2, role Seller) {

        book(String) from Buyer1 to Seller;

        book(Int) from Seller to Buyer1;

        quote(Int) from Buyer1 to Buyer2;

        choice at Buyer2 {

        agree() from Buyer2 to Buyer1, Seller;

        transfer(Int) from Buyer1 to Seller;

        transfer(Int) from Buyer2 to Seller;


        or {

        quit() from Buyer2 to Buyer1, Seller;




      The first thing is that the command line projection tool reports errors here, because the agree() and quit() messages have no content. However, the Eclipse tool doesn't report an error, but when asked to project it does nothing (with no message).


      The second thing is that it seems to be necessary to define the types String and Int by importing from somewhere; the code above uses "rt.jar" as an arbitrary filename copied from another example somewhere; I'm sure it doesn't exist in my path. So where should I import type definitions from, and at what point does it become important that the specified file exists?


      Thanks very much if you can comment, Gary.




      Simon Gay