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    How to watch the current connections to a specific virtual host?

    Avor Nadal Newbie



      In old versions of JBoss Application Server, one could check the current requests to a specific virtual host. In the web-based administration panel there was an option called "Tomcat status" that allowed to check that statistics among many others.


      Now I need a similar function for Widfly and Undertow. I don't need to monitor every request. It would be enough for me to check the current connections to certain virtual host. I've checked the corresponding web-based administration panel but I've been unable to find something similar. I also have connected to the process using the utility JConsole, but I guess that JMX doesn't provide this kind of information (really I've not much idea about JMX).


      I also have found something called Zorka (www.zorka.io), which could help me to find out this information. However, before trying it, I would like to know if Wildfly incorporates some kind of monitoring utility similar to the one described here.


      Thank you.