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    Authentication and Authorization of Applications


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to find a better way to do what I will describe bellow.

      I have a wildfly 8.1 Final that is authenticating against an Active Directory, so it is integrated with the AD.

      I will have lots of apps deployed over the Wildfly servers, so seems reasonable to use the authenticator that is already configured in Wildfly.

      Maybe with JNDI, but how?  I need to use it on JSF applications, Seam Applications, Primeface applications.  Always with focus on integration of what is already configured in JBoss Wildfly, so least coding possible.

      Question #1 - How to do it?


      There is one extra concern here.

      My Active Directory have an OU specific to store roles that should be assets of deployed applications.  By doing that I keep all the authentication/authorization inside AD.

      But I need to be able to retrieve that somehow and use it, and I mean using what is configured in Wildfly.


      Question #2 - How to do it?