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    Wildfly cluster: session de-serialization fails

    M Bol Newbie

      We have problem in Wildfly Cluster environment. It fails to deserialize web session.

      We have web application with Vaadin web framework. Vaadin is stateful framework and has components on session.


      This are steps to repreduce:

      * extract testWindow.zip

      * run: mvn wildfly:deploy

      * open http://localhost:8080/testWindow-1.0-SNAPSHOT/

      * open window (click "Click Me" button)

      * trigger redeploy with: mvn wildfly:deploy

      * try to close vaadin window (small popup in web page)


      When redeploy happened session was serialized successfully. But when deserialzation happens it fails with error (stacktrace attached).


      Since web session was serialized successfully but failed when de-serializing we suspect that this is not Vaadin related problem, but that there might be some problems with how wildfly is un-marshalling. Maybe there is some class loading problem? Is this type of error some known error?