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    Picketlink - validate Credentials with LDAP



      I read whole doc https://docs.jboss.org/picketlink/2/latest/reference/html-single

      but i didnt find how to setup validating credentials with ldap.

      my ldap configuration looks like


      IdentityConfigurationBuilder builder = new IdentityConfigurationBuilder();






        .objectClasses("inetOrgPerson", "organizationalPerson")

        .attribute("firstName", CN).attribute("lastName", SN).attribute("loginName",UID,true).attribute("email", EMAIL);


      it works perfectly i can indeject IdentityManager a i get all users with the attributes but if i wanna validate credentials

      UsernamePasswordCredentials credentials=  new UsernamePasswordCredentials("max123", new Password("max123"));



      I get the exception

      No IdentityStore found for credential class [class org.picketlink.idm.credential.UsernamePasswordCredentials]


      I know i have to configure something to support password for LDAP but i dont know how

      thank you for help