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    arquillian-rest: different headers

    jimmy001 Apprentice



      I am using the arquillian rest extension, which provides a very comfortable way for testing.

      Now I need to send to REST-API calls to the server with two different headers in one test case.

      I now aobut the annotation @Header, but I couldn't find a way of changing the header information in code.


      The background is, that I first have to call the login REST endpoint and then the real action to be tested.

      Currently I have


      @Header(name = "Authorization", value = "Basic a2hfsdfsdfsfsfdsfsfsfsdfsfsfsdfsdfsdfs")

      public void when_list_my_tasks_from_client_then_ordered_list(

                  @ArquillianResteasyResource ResourceInterface resource, @ArquillianResteasyResource WebTarget webTarget) {


           //Call login -- works

           Response loginResponse = webTarget.path("/private/authc").request().post(null);


           //Call action with Header 'Authorization'] = 'Token '  -- header needs to change



      Does anybody have an idea how I can change the header for the second call?

      Thank you!