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    Having trouble with rule that checks two instances of same class


      I have a rule that says rule "bcs-set" when Param( Feature == "BCS", Name == "primary" ) Param( Feature == "BCS", Name == "seconday" ) the insert ("addition") end I have created two Param objects but it seems like drools can't find both of the Param objects. If I take out the first Param check it works but not with both of the Param checks in the rule. The Param class is as follows: public class Param {         private String feature;     private String name;           public String getFeature(){         return feature;     }         public void setFeature(String feature){         this.feature = feature;     }         public String getName(){         return name;     }         public void setName(String name){           this.name = name;     }     } Anyone have any ideas.