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    Is it possible to make Modeshape use more than one core?

    Rachid AIT YAAZZA Newbie

      We have a server which has 2 CPU cores. I am running a jboss application on it that use modeshape 3.6.

      when started jboss with a complet modeshape reindexing I only see 1 process running , and I feel like it won't use more than one core...

      Is there a way to allow more than one core to be used in reindexing ?

      I think it's not enought to add -server argument to jboss, and the modeshape reindexing should be multi-threaded.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Horia Chiorean Master

          The JVM thread/CPU core "allocation" is something very much dependent on the JVM version, running OS etc. It's not something which is really controllable from the actual Java code. IIRC the Java 7 fork/join idiom is implemented to take advantage of available cores, but I'm not aware of any existing JDK feature via which one can control this.

          Long story short: there isn't anything we can do in ModeShape to control how many CPU cores the actual JVM executing code will use.