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    Extremely slow deployment for JBoss AS 7

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      First, I apologize if this question duplicates something...


      I have a project that has Arquillian tests run on a local managed JBoss AS 7.1 instance. The project itself has a lot of dependencies, so my test EARs reach size of ~30 MB. I noticed that after the EAR itself is created there is a significant slowdown, before the application server starts deployment. After some checking I noticed that this slowdown comes from the ear being copied to somewhere inside the content folder of the server. On my SSD the copy speed was like 100KB/s.


      Is there some way to speed things up?


      For my tests I can use a local instance of the AS, so if there were some way to use local deployment or somehow get around this slow copy mechanism, it would be fine.


      Currently the protocol in arquillian.xml is set to "Servlet 3.0". I also tried "Local" but got a lot of ClassNotFound exceptions for Arquillian's own classes.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best Regards,

      Vasil Svetoslavov