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    Compile error when current working directory contains a directory with wrong permissions (possible bug?)

    Uemit Seren Newbie

      When compiling a GWT app that uses Errai-Bus I get following exception:


             Invoking generator org.jboss.errai.marshalling.rebind.MarshallersGenerator           

                 Generating Marshallers Bootstrapper...

                    java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException



                     Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException       

                         at org.jboss.errai.codegen.util.ClassChangeUtil._findAllMatching(ClassChangeUtil.java:453)       

                         at  org.jboss.errai.codegen.util.ClassChangeUtil._findAllMatching(ClassChangeUtil.java:454)       

                         at org.jboss.errai.codegen.util.ClassChangeUtil.findAllMatching(ClassChangeUtil.java:446)



      The Problem occurs when I run the  com.google.gwt.dev.Compiler in a working directory that contains a folder with wrong permissions (i.e. to which the user doesn't have access to).


      The root cause is that in ClassChangeUtil._findAllMatching:

      public static void _findAllMatching(final HashSet<File> matching, final String fileName, final File from) {

          if (from.isDirectory()) {

            for (final File file : from.listFiles()) {

              _findAllMatching(matching, fileName, file);



          else {

            if (fileName.equals(from.getName())) {






      from.listFiles() returns null if the from folder throws a SecurityException.

      I think there should be a check if listFiles != null to avoid this error.