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    how to prevent caching between multiple sessions




      I am using EAP 6.3.0, Modeshape 3.8.0, Infinispan 5.3.0.Final.



      What I obersved is - if I create a Node via a 1st JCR Session, then save the session.

      Open a new session and attempt to add another node under that 1st node - I notice it fails,

      it throws a javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException.


      However if I do this under the same session then - I see the opertaion done sucessfully.


      It looks like infinispan may not write data to disk or database immediately.


      Is there a way to force this write immedidtaely (and not hold it in cache).


      I am likey to use multiple sessions and I want the nodes saved in the previous sessions to be available to subsequent nodes.