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    Stick sessions not working in apache/jboss 6 eap servers

    Neetha Lokanath Newbie



      We have apache with Mod_jk installed with sticky sessions enabled. And jboss as App server (2 nodes).


      Sticky sessions is not working for the same. Eg, if the sessions id is created for node1 for the firsttime, and after some sec if we click n other functions in the webpage it s routed to nod2 for the same session. Also, after 1 mins, the web page get expired if we don't excersise the application for 1 min.


      Anybody hve any insight to this why this is happening. Are we missing any configuration at the jboss level.


      We have included the worker.loadbalancer.sticky_session=True in worker.properties. also in standalone-ha.xml file we hve included instance-id="${jboss.node.name}"