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    Errai JaxRs

    Jimmy Pannier Newbie



      Is it possible to generate application.wadl for the rest services with errai ?

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          Christian Sadilek Master



          I haven't heard about WADL since 2009 . Is this being used at all? Currently we have no such functionality.


          If you need this it should be possible to create a Java annotation processor or a GWT generator that emits a WADL file based on all types annotated with @Path.


          Given the lack of adoption of WADL I don't think it's a good feature for the Errai framework though.




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            Jimmy Pannier Newbie

            Hi M. Sadilek


            In fact we a searching for a way to generate a rest client service.

            I've already used wadl2java tools for generating Polycom Rest Stubs Client. (Polycom generate wadl for their videoconferencing webservice).


            Without this application description file, writing and hold such client is not easy and it takes a long time.