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    How do I inject CDI beans into Custom Entity Classes?

    firepod Newbie

      We use Cassandra (and the DataStax driver) to store our entities. As such we have a custom entity service that creates new instances of our entity classes when it retrieves data from Cassandra.


      I also need to inject services into my entity classes using CDI. How do I do this? When I simply at the @Inject annotation, it never gets injected.


      public class Customer{
          private Event<DeactivationEvent> events;
          private String uid;
          public void setUid(String uid){
              this.uid = uid;
          public String getUid(){
              return this.uid;
          public void deactivate(){
              events.fire( new DeactivationEvent() );
      public CassandraEntityService{
          public Customer findCustomer(String uid){
              ...whatever lookup logic...
              Customer customer = new Customer();
              return customer;


      For reference, I'm using JBoss/Wildfly 8.1.



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          Rafael Pestano Novice

          Hi there, your problem is that you create the entity via new operator so CDI is not managing your entity...i can see two options:


          1. @Inject the Custumer so CDI can manage it which i think is not what you want
          2. or you can fire the event programactly like below:
          public void deactivate(){ 
                 BeanManager bm =  CDI.current().getBeanManager();
                 bm.fireEvent( new DeactivationEvent() ); 


          if you use CDI 1.0 you have to lookup BeanManager via jndi, something like:



          BeanManager bm =  return (BeanManager) InitialContext.doLookup("java:comp/BeanManager");



          I hope it helps.