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    create profile fuse 6.1 fabric using libraries

    David virgil naranjo Novice



      I need to use some libraries used inf Fuse 6.1 to create a java code that have the ability to push in the Fabric Git Server a new profile.


      My idea is to use  the jokolia client library and  more or less make the same that is getting done in the Fabric Maven Plugin:


      fabric8/DeployToProfileMojo.java at 2151 · jstrachan/fabric8 · GitHub


      If I try to reuse this code, it is not possible. There are libraries that are in this version that are not in the fuse 6.1 version:




      The requirement I have is easy.


      • I have a zip file that contains all the profile folder.
      • It is required to unzip the file
      • Create/update the profile in the git server
      • Upload the files to git.


      Seems not to be difficult the code in the DeployToProfileMojo, but I can not find where it is the DeployResults.


      For me would be good if you have a junit test that makes this (that is not something very uncommon).


      Try to understand that i do not know anything about the fuse/fabric code and that I am just doing my best here.