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    Dual Persistance

    Hamdy Farid Newbie

      I am working on an application that primary configure hardware devices
      The application maintain a database that matches the configuration on the devices
      I model my devices as CMP entity bean ... and everything is working fine BUT the biggest part of the application is missing !!!
      Whever a field is changed on the entity, the application server takes care of saving it to the DB (for the caller it's just a "set" method) but this change should be propagated to the device and in case of failure the change in the datbase should be rolled back.

      I can hide my entity bean with a session bean that perform the device setting first then it sets the new value in entity (db)
      I know that this option will work (this is how the old application used to do it)

      My question. Is there any other alternative to that solution?
      Don't think about device and hardware stuff just think about it as a single table that is replicated on a diffrent data source and the AS has to update both datasource in a form of transaction

      Note. All my device configurations are "SNMP" based and I am thinking of writing an SNMP JCA (and this will be diffrent question on a diffrent forum :-)

      Thanks for your help