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    JSESSIONID is invalidated after server restarts

    Alexander Kalin Newbie

      I'm developing a REST application with JAX-RS. The concept is rather new for me as well as WildFly server. I'm trying to reach the same behavior of the application with GlassFish 4 and WildFly8.1 final servers. But the one thing is confusing to me and I was't able to find any information is this deliberate behavior of WildFly server and is it possible to be reconfigured or not:

      - when the app is working with Glassfish the JSESSION obtained during login remains valid even after I restart Glassfish (till the time out of inactivity reached or logout was made).

      - when the app is working with WildFly  the JSESSION becomes invalid just after I restart the server.

      As I could see from the video http://blog.arungupta.me/2014/03/wildfly-8-clustering-and-session-failover/ made by Arun Gupta if one has domain configuration then JSESSIONID is spread across servers of the domain with no effort and remains valid even after one of the servers were shutdown.

      But I'm using standalone configuration. According to REST concept (as I got it) clients should not care about server side maintenance procedures as restart, forwarding request to another server and so on. So

      - is it possible to be reconfigured with standalone configuration?

      - what are the reasons of such behavior by default?

      - if I used domain configuration in production would sessions be invalidated after all the servers of the domain had been restarted?


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