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    Exception J4PClient calling fabric mbean

    David virgil naranjo Novice



      I create some code to call to the Fabric JMX bean and create a Fabric profile. The code is:


        J4pExecRequest request;

              if (params != null && params.length > 0) {

                  request = new J4pExecRequest(FABRIC_MBEAN_NAME, operation, params);

              } else {

                  request = new J4pExecRequest(FABRIC_MBEAN_NAME, operation);


              try {

                  J4pResponse<J4pExecRequest> response = client.execute(request, "GET");



      The first operation that is called is the "defaultVersion"


      I receive an exception:


      org.jolokia.client.exception.J4pRemoteException: Not Found


      The J4Client is created using:


      private J4pClient createJolokiaClient(String jolokiaUrl, String user, String password) {

              J4pClientBuilder builder = J4pClient.url(jolokiaUrl);

              if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(user)) {

                  builder = builder.user(user);


              if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(password)) {

                  builder = builder.password(password);


              return builder.build();



      The jolokiaURL used (that it is what I think is wrong) is: http://localhost:8181/hawtio


      The mbean used is: private final static String FABRIC_MBEAN_NAME = "io.fabric8:type=Fabric";