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    Custom Services Framework?

    Patrick Adams Newbie

      I need to write a service in Wildfly that spawns a thread to listen for and handle inbound messages from RabbitMQ. What's the best way to write the service code? In other words is there a services framework where I can implement an interface for a start() and stop() methods that is automatically called when I deploy and undeploy an EAR file? Also how is this packaged and deploy? Feel free to point me at the relevant documentation.


      For reference, I'm using Wildfly 8.1 and Java 8.


      Also, since RabbitMQ is a messaging server, this would naturally fit beautifully into a standard message driven bean, but RabbitMQ is an AMQP server and does not support JMS. I am aware of the Spring AMQP template, but we're (intentionally) not using Spring.