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    How to use Functions in pattern and how can i cutome some validaton like Functions

    Wells G Novice

      Hi ,


            There is an input (short text) in my start page , i want to add some validation on the field , 1) , do some simple validation (regex or others) ; 2) do the validation against the service .


            When i move the mouse on the pattern in form modeler , it show the tip : Allow to specify a regex or Functions to check it .  e.g: =!Functions.String.isNumeric({$this}) .


            I just have a try to input "=!Functions.String.isNumeric({$this})" on the field pattern , but when go to the start page , input some char like "qwwww" in the field , it looks did validation and show the error msg , but when i input correct number  ( 1234 ) and click the submit button , it still show the error msg .  So is there anybody have encounter this issue .


            If this works , can i add some custom validation method depend on the business and export it like Functions .


      Thanks !