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    Problems in Firefox and Chrome with "Kie Drools Workbench 6.1.0 Final" after the login

    Javier Perez Newbie



      I'm trying to test Kie Drools Workbench 6.1.0 Final in several web navigators (Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 38.0.2125.104 m and Firefox 33.0) and I'm having problems with Google Chrome and Firefox after the login, the message with the information "Please wait, loading application..." is shown but that message never dissapears and the application doesn't load.


      I haven't that problem with Internet Explorer after the login but I need to test Kie Drools Workbench in the others web navigators, my operating system is Windows 7. I've tested the application in Linux (Xubuntu) with Firefox (30.0) and there is no problem after the login, the problem only happens in Windows 7 with Firefox and Chrome.


      Please, can someone help me to solve this problem?. Someone knows how to load the application in Firefox and Chrome with Windows 7?.


      Thanks and regards.