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    [forge-dev] IntelliJ plugin build

    Daniel Cunha (soro) Novice

      Hiho Folks,


      I try create intellij dependency, but I had a problem:


      My shell:

      08:36:57 (master) ~/Tools/workspace/intellij-idea-plugin$ echo $SHELL



      I try did that:

      08:37:01 (master) ~/Tools/workspace/intellij-idea-plugin$

      ./install-intellij-libs.sh 13.1.5 ~/Tools/idea-IU-135.1230/

      Installing IntelliJ artifacts to Maven local repository

      IntelliJ home: /home/soro/Tools/idea-IU-135.1230/

      ./install-intellij-libs.sh: 26: ./install-intellij-libs.sh: Syntax error:

      "(" unexpected (expecting "done")


      But that mode, work well:

      08:50:47 (master) ~/Tools/workspace/intellij-idea-plugin$ bash

      install-intellij-libs.sh 13.1.5 ~/Tools/idea-IU-135.1230/


      Some idea about it?



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