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    WildFly problems under heavy load

    Vladimir Grabarchuk Newbie

      Under heavy load (10,000 concurrent SOAP requests), WildFly performance degrades significantly and, eventually, the server crashes - it undeploys all components (ears) on its own.

      Perhaps there is a deficiency in my setup (configuration), as the same load is handled gracefully by JBoss 4.0.4; that is, performance degrades but fully recovers as soon as the load is removed, and the heavy load can be sustained indefinitely.


      Does anyone have any insights into what may be wrong?

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          Vladimir Grabarchuk Newbie

          I realized that the old CXF libraries were used in my tests, so I switched to use the ones within WildFly. Wile that made the response times better under low to moderate load, it still crashes under the heavy load.

          Judging by quite a few views and no responses it appears that no one else has experienced the problems I have. I wonder if anybody tried a load that heavy at all?...


          Actually, I don't need to handle (respond successfully to) such a heavy load, but I need to sustain it indefinitely. No matter what I tried (maximum concurrent connections, queue size, etc.) I failed to configure the server so that it does not go down when hit hard.

          Can anyone help with that?

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            Vladimir Grabarchuk Newbie

            In case anyone is interested, 8.2.0 did not fix the problem - it crashes just like 8.1.0 did.

            Perhaps 9.0 will be better, but until then - the good old JBoss 4.0.2 wins...

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              Scott Marlow Master

              It would be interesting to hear the cause, especially when you hit the performance wall (performance degrades significantly).  Did you see any resource leaks in your monitoring of the system?

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                Vladimir Grabarchuk Newbie

                If I new the cause, I'd be asking different questions. I think it is some design/implementation flaw in the Undertow engine, which is manifested only under heavy load, perhaps along some specific conditions (which my testing exposed).

                In any case, I don't think it's within my capabilities to get to the bottom of it. As far as resource leaks - I did not observe any, there WildFly was on par with JBoss. Actually, if I remember correctly, WildFly CPU usage was consistently higher on the average.

                The biggest problem, however, was the ultimate (and not easily recoverable from) crash. There seems to be some conscious decision to undeploy and stop under heavy load, but why?

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                  SANJAY GAUTAM Expert

                  Hi @Vladimir. we have also started up migrating our application from 4.2.3 to wildfly 8.2.0 Final and presently performing evaluation and adapting our application to run on the latest WidlFly 8.2-Final. I would love to share you experience while trying to migrate your applications to wildfly 8.2.0 . I face this issue related with Infinispan and web.xml having distributable attribute. and we are also evaluating  the Jbpm for other migrations Please share your email if you would be sharing your experience with WILDFLY thus far. I myself will be planning to load test our application after we have migrated them will share details and experience with you later. ...